Remedial Energy Explained

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Remedial Energy (a.k.a.”White Energy”) is the strategy for making the whole energy sector much less impacting to the environment and public health. This is, in short, the most appropriate definition of what “remedial energy” does really mean.

This is a brand-new approach for making possible the so-called transition of energy supply. Fossil fuel resources will not be available forever; so, we must act as soon as we can to generate new energy in alternative ways. However, we do not want to consider only renewable sources, like wind, sun and water.


Remedial Energy to solve pollution & climate issues

This is the first important step of the strategy. Before to start with the energy transformation, we must deal with some common and widespread environmental issues. In fact, the whole energy sector releases everyday a significant amount of chemicals that harm the environment.

Remedial Energy is born to transform pollution (like industrial emissions from energy facilities) into new, clean & healthy energy basically for free.

This does mean that we can take some harmful chemicals (petroleum products, heavy metals, sewage sludge, antibiotics, pesticides) and transform them into a valuable source of energy. All is done with natural solutions and methods. This makes the whole process a lot cleaner, greener and more sustainable than ever.

By doing so, we can remove pollution and counter many effects of climate change at the same time. This is great, because time is ticking and we must take action in the best possible way, without wasting any more time.

The great asset of Remedial Energy is the following: some contaminated resources (just like industrial emissions from energy facilities) become a valuable source of new energy, within the very same facility. In addition communities living in surrounding areas have the opportunity to cooperate with industries. In this way, better relationships and a common objective will make the energy generation really sustainable over time.


Remedial Energy to help the energy transformation

The natural remediation of industrial emissions, inside and outside the energy facility, is just the first step of this strategy. The second one, is to help the transformation of the energy sector into a greener industry.

This objective is very important: for the next years, we’ll start testing the best opportunities to switch from carbon to natural energy. This envisages at least the following steps:

  1. Natural remediation of “old energy” environmental impacts
  2. Recovery of many lands currently polluted
  3. Wider application of renewable energies (just because of a greater pace availability)
  4. Increase of natural energy generation within oil refineries, coal power plants, waste processing and even nuclear facilities
  5. Better protection for communities living in surrounding areas
  6. New safer and sustainable jobs

These above are just a few of the very advantages of applying Remedial Energy strategies and principles. The idea is very simple, but we do know how many challenges we’ll face during this path.


Remedial Energy for everyone

As you can find browsing this website, we created many training courses and some very special projects. All them have a specific purpose: to bring the “green” (or the “white”) into the “dark side” of the energy sector.

For what concerns trainings, they may be live or on-line. We strongly suggest to schedule a live training. By doing so, you’ll have the unique opportunity to talk with Dr. Beolchi, who created all these trainings basing them on the very same principles.

These are professional trainings, addressed to companies of the energy sector and governments. People who want to set up a new professional career into the energy sector may attend as well.

There also are some very special projects. These are addressed to communities and to the military & security. Such projects are necessary to spread the knowledge about Remedial energy strategies. Moreover, by working with military & security, we can significantly improve the quality of life of many people living in war and conflict areas.

If you are interested in doing something great for our planet, keep following this website.

And you can also visit the main corporate website of Cleankeeping, by clicking here.

Thank you for your attention, Remedial Energy starts now.

For a cleaner world. And, as you know..

A cleaner world is a better world!