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    March 2020
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Shooting Range Cleanup From Heavy Metals

The program addresses the contamination by heavy metals occurring at shooting range facilities. This is mainly due to the presence of two dangerous elements, namely copper and lead.

Thanks to the application of a simple and very easy to use solution, it is possible to achieve the almost complete immobilization of such chemicals on the ground.

This is not exactly a “remediation”, however it’s important because at the end of the treatment, pollutants are strictly bound to the organic material, which makes them unable to move and so the contact with the people can be avoided.

In addition, this method presents another extremely important feature. In fact, it allows to lower the effects of greenhouse gases, thus exerting a protective effect against the climate change.

This is one of the very few methods allowing the military/security sector to fight the effects of the climate change.


Materials & methods

For what concerns the proper application of this method, a single “ingredient” has to be provided.

We are talking about biochar, made by a very specific biomass, namely soybean stover.

Biochar is obtained as a byproduct of the biomass energy production (another close link with the energy sector). If such biochar is produced within the facility (shooting range, military depot, military base and so on) an additional amount on new energy is available from a very widely diffused agricultural waste.

Once obtained this type of biochar, it has to be applied on the polluted area, directly on-site without any need to remove the affected land. This represents another extremely important advantage, and basically everyone can perform the task under the proper guidance.

The application of this biochar promote the formation of a stable mineral, when in the presence of some heavy metals, just like copper and lead. As a final result, these chemicals are no longer able to move on the ground, neither can contaminate the water.

This simple, easy to apply natural solution showed very important results in matter of days. In addition, as considered above, the biochar application allows to start sequestering greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide) from the air, so reducing the effects of climate change.


Some important annotations

We suggest to produce the biochar on-site, in order to boost the energy production within the facility. For detailed information on how to prepare the biochar production, feel free to send us a message.

To be more precise, soybean stover has to be burned at 700°C, which has been proven as the most effective temeperature. Biochar presents in fact very different environmental behaviors dependin on the combustion temperature used to produce it.

Another important feature is the following: when the raw material (soybean stover) is not available, a similar (slightly lower) effectiveness can be obtained by using the pine-needle derived biochar.

For what concerns the final levels of immobilization, it has been noted that at least 88% lead and 87% copper are no longer able to move after the application of soybean stover – derived biochar.

Last but not least, we must remember that even in the case of accidental ingestion / inhalation of partcles derived from the treated soil, the risk for people’s health is basically zero. In fact, once closely tied to biochar particles, both copper and lead lose the chance to harm the human body.

The final effect is then an increased protection for the involved personnel, as well as civilians eventualli living outside the facility, not to mention the possibility to boost energy producing while countering the effects of climate change, all at the same time.

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