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    March 2020
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Clean Energy Production from Explosives with Compost

This special program is addressed to remediate contamination by several types of explosives (TNT, RDX and more) while creating new energy can be used within a military base, shooting range and more in general whenever the intervention takes place.


Materials & methods

The process is very simple. It only requires the availability of two ingredients to be composted along with the contaminated land. They are turkey manure and green waste. These materials can be provided from external sources with preference to local (or nearest) communities.

In addition, another element (or “ingredient”) has to be added in order to boost the energy production. We’ll present it later. In any case, the application of this simple method allows to achieve some great results.

By doing so, in fact, a stronger bond with the civilian people can be created. In other words, the application of this strategy allows to strengthen the cooperation between the base/shooting range and the community.

When the process is over, the new energy can be shared with the people living outside the facility, to further improve the relationships. However, what to do after the completion of the intervention, is totally dependent on the customer’s will.

The above ingredients have to be included into the polluted waste pile in a specific ratio.

For what concerns the application of this intervention, it has to be said that no substantial differences with the “usual” composting process occur.

So, the polluted mass in fermentation has to be turned and aerated periodically. To the purpose (and depending on the amount of treated material) some heavy machinery could be used. By the way, also military vehicles can be good for the task.

After a few weeks (approx. 2 months, but it has to be estimated case by case) the explosives contamination disappear and the soil can return in place.


New energy from scratch

What we considered before, is just related to the natural remediation of the soil contaminated by explosives.

In order to produce new energy the addition of another natural ingredient is envisaged. The composting itself can produce some energy, but it is necessary to add something “more” for making the amount of new energy produced really useful to the facility.

Depending on the current situation, different natural tools can be added. In this case it is a widely available acrivultural waste (derived from soybean).

Before to start with the process, a deep assessment is carried out. During that phase every other possible alternative will be considered to boost the energy production at its best.

The final amount of new energy produced thanks to this method may vary. Generally the increased amount is between 20-40% for each application. During the initial assessment a more precise estimate will be provided.

In any case, a good amount of new energy will be immediatley available to the benefit of the facility.

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