Energy Independence Is Security

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Energy independence for military & security is a very special project carried out by Remedial Energy. For the first time, the whole security sector has the opportunity to become much more sustainable. Environment and energy play a key role to this end.


Energy independence for combat units

This is the first important object. Mostly valid for combat units in mission abroad, we have the opportunity to make easier the energy supply and the remediation of weapons-caused pollution.

This strategy is made by two steps. The first one is to remove pollution by most harmful chemicals found inside the military area. Several natural materials (compost above all else) allow to achieve a great remediation goal.

Please note that such an important action may give great benefits to communities affected by wars, conflicts and more in general security issues. That’s why is so important to share this opportunity with the people, for a common benefit.

By working in cooperation with the affected community, you achieve two additional and equally important goals:

  1. a better opportunity to monitor the “radicalization risk” and possibly stop it on the bud
  2. a broader range of natural resources to make the remediation intervention faster or more effective

In other words, military & combat units working with this approach, can gain a competitive advantage even for their security or stabilization objectives.

If you check this dedicated page of our website, you can find some very interesting and totally unique special projects. They deserve the highest consideration, because able to make new energy available and effective solutions to remove pollution in high-risk areas.

Definitely a not to miss opportunity.


Energy independence for the health

Another extremely important aspect to consider here. By working with this approach, we can remove significant risk for the health of many people. This is valid for both military & security personnel and involved civilians.

When in mission abroad, there is lack of time and resources to minimize the most relevant threats for the health. So, the application of some natural principles helps a lot. Such principles become part of a well-done strategy, with more than a single method to ensure the best success.

Not just combat units in mission abroad benefit a lot from the strategy. Shooting ranges, weapons depots and respective surrounding areas are perfect scenarios where this kind of intervention provides great results.

Thanks to this versatile approach, we can define our top priorities then start working on them with the right natural solution.

Explosives, some chemical weapons, flame retardants, fuel oil motor oil, gasoline, kerosene, chlorinated chemicals and even radioactive materials. All these listed may respond well to the application of a well-done natural strategy.


Energy independence for a faster rehab

This approach lays solid foundations to boost and speed the rehabilitation phase after conflicts. The same is valid for post-disaster efforts as well. In other words, the immediate availability of new energy, coupled with a significant removal of pollutants, is a game changer.

Military & security personnel have a great responsibility to this end. However, for this particular aspect they can work in close cooperation with NGOs and local communities.

After conflicts (or disasters) there are so many resources to use for boosting the rehab phase. Unfortunately pollution is all over the area. Debris, wreckages and load of organic waste should be considered as key tools to enter the new life of the affected community.

You can find some valuable information in this very special training. Here construction & demolition waste become the most important resource for boosting the rehab phase after an earthquake. The same applies to collapsed buildings after bombing, or other war operations.

One more time, military & security personnel have the great opportunity to monitor the area, in order to stop on the bud every possible radicalization risk.

Energy independence is however only the first of four environmental pillars to make military & security missions more successful and sustainable over time.

In a near future, we’ll deepen more about the importance of women for this approach.

For the moment, thank you for the attention and be back to our site soon.