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Remedial Energy (also called “White Energy”) is the strategy to transform environmental pollutants, as well as industrial emissions and bulky contaminated waste into new, clean, healthy energy for free. The only use of natural processes and already available resources allows to generate more energy and cut environmental pollution within the same energy facility. This output can also be guaranteed for communities dealing with some similar issues. In short, Remedial Energy helps both the energy and the environment. Finally, health and quality of life are significantly improved as well.

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Energy companies can generate such new amount of energy without the need to invest additional financial resources. Moreover, that energy can be generated right away, immediately after the completion of an easy-to-understand online course and/or live training, at their convenience. With more details, benefits are even greater. In fact, along with this additional energy, environmental costs are strongly reduced. In most cases, polluting emissions from energy facilities can be cut by more than 70%. So, how much net savings will be? A more than interesting opportunity for sure.


Communities can help the process so improving and strengthening relationships with energy companies. They can in fact support several phases of the process, such as materials collection and pre-treatment, as well as the direct implementation of natural solutions to boost locale development while helping energy companies lowering their environmental impacts and costs. A brand-new scheme of “organizational development” able to cover basically all energy – related fields.


Governments (all levels) have the real opportunity to setup a sustainable development model without the need to invest money into something uncertain. The final goal is to generate more energy while bringing benefit to the environment, for longer operations over time. Industrial emissions are part of the energy generation activities. By transforming them into new energy for free the final goal is reached. Moreover, this process can involve other bulky waste, thus reducing the impact of other serious environmental issues. Whatever the energy sector involved, the Remedial Energy has a natural process to apply for generating new energy from pollution.

And think about that: despite difficulties for the fossil fuel industry, we have right now a great opportunity to work longer (because we can process pollutants left after operations). Moreover, we can switch fossil fuel industries to more sustainable energy generation processes. The so-called “exit strategy” begins to be much clearer than before.

REMEDIAL ENERGY TRAININGSEnergy Generation From Pollution Explained


The first step is to identify the main problem you need to solve. It may be related to pollution, energy supply or both of them. Then appoint a live training that will be held at your favorite location and date.

The Training Phase

Second STAGE

During the live training you will find several opportunities to solve your issue right away. Moreover, you’ll get access to a private area of this website with tons of insights and updates about topics related to your training.



After the live training, you will be able to prepare and apply learned solutions on your area of interest. These methods are carefully selected and easy to use. You will not need to purchase any equipments.



When the process is over, you benefit from results. So, you are free to always improve your skills. You also can schedule a more deepen live training to go beyond. Remember: this is not mandatory, but totally up to you.


A web-training platform where professionals of the energy industry and government officials can find everything they need to know for improving their business and boost sustainable development in a totally natural way.

This is, generally speaking, the Remedial Energy Plaform.


The first step for benefiting from these innovations, it to request a live training. You decide the date, the place and all is processed easily through a booking service on this website. Please note that a live training is confirmed only if at least 100 attendees are booked for European countries. For all other countries, the number of attendees must be 200 (at least).

Immediately after the live training, all attendees have free access to a private area of this website, where they can find more videos and resources to deepen more about their training topics. This private access area has been created (and continuously updated) with a lot of R&D work over years. And this work still continues over and over again, to ensure the best quality. Moreover, the access to the platform allows subscribers to get direct support from the founder himself (Dr. Graziano Beolchi), in order to make even easier the implementation of what is presented by video trainings.


The Remedial Energy Platform is officially launched @ Friday February 17, 2017. Along with the subscription (and after the 1st live training), a detailed bi-weekly newsletter is sent to each subscriber. In this newsletter are reported the latest news, updates, trends and future developments for generating more and more energy through the natural processing of industrial waste & emissions as well as bulky materials often hard to dispose of. Some additional “bonus” videos and training are also delivered.

All subscribers have then the opportunity to stay updated on what they need more (solutions for energy) without to personally browse the whole web looking for the same topics. Moreover, a careful selection of such new solutions ensures that only the most feasible and fastest natural processes are delivered to the people who decided to follow the Remedial Energy Platform.


For making things easier to understand, the Remedial Energy Platform has been categorized into three “floors”. They present an increasing level of detail: fundamentals (FT – Fundamental Trainings), basic (BT – Basic Trainings) and advanced (AT – Advanced Trainings).

Trainings tagged as “FT” present the very basic information on how to use industrial emissions, industrial waste, polluting materials and bulky waste for generating new clean energy for free and cut pollution quick and easily.

Trainings tagged as “BT” present some highly selected natural processes can be beneficial for all energy & environmental sectors, whatever they are. This means that presented solutions can be implemented right away by most companies, regardless of the industrial activity.

Trainings tagged as “AT” present selected natural solutions for the most relevant energy industries: they are oil & gas, mining, nuclear power, agro-farming and waste processing plants. These solutions are specific and targeted to each of the above indicated energy activities, although most of presented methods can be beneficial to more than a single sector (i.e. a solution for the oil & gas can be good for mining and agro-farming as well and so on).

For what concerns some technical features, this web-training platform allows access by desktop, laptop, mobile devices and smartphones. Videos are always available because subscriptions do not end (lifetime membership to the platform).

Please keep in mind that you are free to pick whatever training you need. There is no priority order among them.

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